Why choose US?

25 years of company history

and Trade Marketing experience in interntional corporations

Comprehensive project implementation

own machinery park, own graphic design and construction team

Quality guarantee

and punctuality proved with 4000 completed projects

portfolio Products

We offer a wide range of sales supporting tools. Do you want to execute your own idea or do you need a creative idea support? Contact us!


Due to a couple of years experience in trade marketing departaments of various FMCG companies we have the knowledge crucial for creating effective consumer programmes.

We deisgn national activation initiatives as well as tailor made ones, dedicated to specific client, using their own tools.

We offer various competitions, buy&get actions, loyalty programmes and trial activities.

After execution every our activity is thoroughly evaluated in terms of efficiency as well as future recommendation.

outsourcing Strategy

We advise on how to plan an optimal strategy of trade marketing activation.

Shopper is always a starting point with analysis on their needs and behaviour. It is a solid base for further work.

  • Adjusting activities to certain sales channels' characteristics.
  • Analysis of shopping mission and shopping occasions relevant for the shopper
  • Shopper decision tree
  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing and shopper research

history About us

We have been present on the advertising market for the last 25 years. During this time we have observed the transition of the market. We've been learning, gaining experience and evolving with the transition. We also have a significant impact in Polish ad market development as we are one on the founders of PIAP- Polska Izba Artykułów Reklamowych (transl. Polish Chamber of Advertiding Materials).

So far we have completed over 4.000 projects. Starting as a small subcontractor, step by step, we became an experienced business partner, that many of our cuurent Clients rely on.

The company still remains a family business. Personally, I have an opportunity to be the second generation continuing growth of the company. For the last 12 years I've been gaining experience in trade marketing departaments of big international coporations from various business sectors: pharmacy, cosmetics, FMCG, HoReCa. Having such background, like no one else, I understand the needs as well as challenges of our Clients, as not so long ago I was the one facing them.

Our mission and ambition is to create effective POSM solutions that, on addition to original design, will meet business targets of our Partners.

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During the 25 years activity we have won a number of loyal Clients, tope leadres of their branch. Constantly we support their business development.